Are you sick of the obstacles
on your creative journey?

Sometimes you can navigate those obstacles by walking around or climbing over them.

Other times, you need to build ladders over those obstacles.

These ladders will also provide you with a different view on the endless possibilities in your life.

But building, footing, and climbing those ladders alone are challenging.

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My name is Julie Hennrikus, and I'd like to help.

During my 30+ career as an arts administrator, I've been privileged to help many performing artists with their creative journeys. 

As a published author, I've spent a long time on my own writing journey.

Here's what I've learned along the way:

  • A creative journey isn't easy. But it is a path toward joy.
  • Fun should be part of your travels.
  • There are many facets to your exploration. Curiosity is your guide.
  • Your path is made easier by learning what you can, and by asking for help when you need it.
  • Your journey is your own--unique, exciting, and challenging.

I'm a certified life coach, teacher, and published author. I'd be honored to help you.

What sort of help do I offer?

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Coaching Programs

My Muse Mapping program is a 12-week program that will help you find your purpose, explore possibilities, develop a plan, and deal with the blocks and obstacles in your path.

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Business Classes for Artists

Do you want to learn more about planning, marketing, budgeting, pitching your work, self promotion and more?

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How Do I Support Writers?

Classes, coaching, and a membership program for ongoing support.

Life Coaching is about setting goals, and figuring out how to reach them

Often, too often, people feel like they're failing by not reaching a goal that means a great deal to them. Maybe they're not talented enough, or lucky enough.

Here's the thing. We've all got blocks and obstacles that get in our way. Identifying them, and learning tools and techniques to deal with them, is important.

But that's not all. While you're exploring your life purpose, and new paths, are you limiting your options? Do you feel uninspired? Are you interested in something new, but you're not sure how to get there?

My Muse Mapping model of coaching is a 12-week program that will help you tune in, explore, plan, and navigate.

Learn more about my coaching programs

Do you need business classes designed for artists?

I've taught arts management classes for over fifteen years, and have taken the classes I've developed to support artists, and made them available here.

The classes will help you plan, market, budget, pitch your work, promote yourself, network and more.

They are all online, so you can take them at your own pace.

The Your Ladders subscription gives you access to classes, webinars and workbooks for just $35 a month. You can cancel at any time.

Learn more about the classes

Are you a writer? Would you like to be?

I've developed programs for writers based on what I wished I'd known when I started my own journey, and what writers need to get past some of the obstacles in their path.

Muse Mapping for Writers is a program to help writers learn the mechanics and the mindset they need to write a book. The course is available now.

There's also my Writing Journey membership, which includes monthly coaching calls and accountability check-ins.

Support yourself writing self

Your creative journey should give you joy.


If it doesn't, let's figure out how to change that. My coaching, classes and support may help.

Need some help figuring this out? I'd love to talk. Email me at julie @

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