Ready to invest in yourself, your creative journey, and in your plans for 2020?

Figuring out goals. Finding the time to reach those goals. 

These are two of the biggest challenges a lot of folks have when they're wrestling with "how to get it all done". Particularly folks on a creative journey. Because time management and goal setting need more nuance to support creativity.

Goals come from creative dreams. Time needs to support building your craft, and also giving yourself time for inspiration.

These webinars are based on my experience supporting artists on their journey, and also what I've learned on my own writing journey.

I've made these webinars $20 each, a 2020 opportunity for you to learn some new tools for both goal setting and time management.

Your work matters. 

There's never enough time.

That's a given. But how you use your time to support your creative journey needs to be intentional and thoughtful. This webinar has 10 tips to help you with that.

Goal setting for artists starts with dreams.

Through this system I've developed, learn how to start with the dreams and then turn them into actionable goals.

Interested in a little more support with your goal setting?

For $97 you'll have access to the webinar AND a one hour session with me to coach you through your goals.

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