We're in the in-between right now.

The time between a pre-Covid 19 world and a post-Covid 19 world is the in-between. 

We're on a journey, but a heavy fog has come through and our trusted compasses don't work. We'll get through to the other side (which will be different), but in the meantime we're in the in between. And there be monsters.

We are on this journey together. While we're in the in between we'll figure out new paths. We'll create and explore. And we'll dream of the day when we gather again.

This 21 day challenge will help you navigate this in-between. What matters to you as an artist? What other paths may be worth exploring? What are your long term dreams? Daily prompts and support will help you as you navigate this in-between time. 

The challenge starts on May 15!


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The 21-Day In-Between Challenge starts on May 15!

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