6 Ways to Unlock Your Creativity

Do you feel stuck on your creative journey?

Or are you uncertain how to begin?

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Embracing Your Creative Path Isn't Easy

You may have always dreamed of doing something creative--writing a book, going on stage, painting, you name it--but something has kept you from taking the leap.

Maybe you don't know how to begin.

Maybe you start, but you don't get far before you lose steam.

Maybe you're afraid.

This free masterclass, "6 Ways to Unlock Your Creativity", will help you over those hurdles, and more. 

Listen, embarking on the creative path you've always dreamed of isn't a luxury. It's a necessity. Your muse is calling. Let's help you answer the call.

A note from Julie Hennrikus

I've worked in the performing arts as an administrator for over 30 years. I've also taught artists how to manage the business of their artistic journey for almost 15.

I'm also a traditionally published author, with 7 mystery novels.

Here's what I know. My creative journey has given me tremendous joy. But it took me years to get there.

Let me help you on your own journey by teaching you some of what I know in this free masterclass.


6 Ways to Unlock Your Creativity

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