Your Ladders helps you develop the confidence you need to navigate your creative journey.

  • Confidence to start the journey you've always dreamed about.
  • Confidence to change your path, and explore a new one.
  • Confidence to overcome burn-out and exhaustion, and make you and your creativity a priority in your life.

We're in this together.

Seeing shows cancelled, theaters closed, folks losing the gigs that help them put it all together. It's been a rough time. 

In thinking what I could do to help, two things came to mind. 

First, offer people a chance to learn some business skills while they're home. Click on the offer on the right and you'll sign up for 21 days of free access to Your Ladders classes and webinars. No obligation.

Second, I'm going to try and be in my Facebook group, "Awakening the Muse Within" every day at 2pm for the next few weeks. Just to check in with folks, answer questions. Connect.

Creativity is the answer. To everything. Creative people need to take care of themselves, refresh, center and get ready for the future. 

Reach out if I can help. [email protected]

What are the best ways to build your creative confidence?


Your Ladders Classes

Do you want to understand the business side of the arts? Would you like to build the skills you need to navigate your creative journey? Your Ladders classes are available for $35 a month. 


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There are times when you need support on your creative journey. One-on-one coaching provides that support. Support in dealing with issues, setting and reaching goals, rethinking your journey. Are you ready to take the next step, but need help getting there? 

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Webinars & Other Resources

I've created webinars, workbooks, videos, blog posts, opt-ins and other resources to help you on your creative journey. Explore them here.

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Angela S.

Working one-on-one with Julie has been a major shift in perspective for me. Her approach-ability, support, open-hearted caring, contagious love for her work, and just something about how she can bring right-brained context to more left-brained techniques has really helped flip a switch. Julie has given me the tools and the hope to move forward toward the big-picture, and stay on track in the life I want to live, even at times when the train necessarily has to slow down. I highly recommend one-on-one coaching sessions with Julie. Her combination of a compassionate whole-artist approach with concrete suggestions and steps makes a world of difference in balancing all the facets of a creative and unconventional lifestyle.

My name is Julie Hennrikus

I've worked as an arts administrator for over thirty years, primarily in the performing arts. Through this work--coaching, teaching, consulting and advocacy work--I've come to understand the journey of the artist, and how I can support it.

I've also been on my own creative journey. I'm a traditionally published mystery author who understand the difference between the craft of writing, and the steps to becoming a published author. And the balance required to stay on the journey.

I believe that answering the call of the muse, and using your creative energy, is a gift for many but used by few. My calling is to help you develop the confidence to fully explore your creative journey.

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