About Your Ladders

Your Ladders is an online resource built especially for artists to empower them with the skills they need, beyond their craft, to navigate their creative path. The goal of Your Ladders is to help artists build ladders over the obstacles in the way of their career, their company, or their dream of producing work. Julie Hennrikus created this resource to combine her fierce arts advocacy with her love of teaching. 

For artists, the Your Ladders subscription gives folks access to Your Ladders classes (with The Your Ladders 5-Step System to help you navigate them), monthly webinars, and an online community.

Julie is available for speaking, consulting and workshops on a variety of topics.

Julie is also a life coach who does one-on-one coaching or group accountability coaching.

She's also created a new program, Muse Mapping, to help folks connect with their creativity, or reconnect with the artist within.

Contact me at Julie @ YourLadders.com

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Let me introduce myself

I have worked in arts administration for over thirty years, and have taught classes in arts administration for over ten. In my teaching career, one of the emails I get most often is "thank you for teaching me how to use a spreadsheet", or "I used a SWOT analysis yesterday, and thought of you!". My job has been to encourage artists that they can do it, and then give them the tools to get it done.

I believe in the power of the arts, and the importance of artists, and look forward to creating classes to help you succeed.

I am also a published mystery author, and understand the challenges and the joy of being creative.

To contact me, email Julie @ YourLadders.com

Frequently Asked Questions

I want to teach you the business skills you need to move forward in your career. The lessons and exercises will let you build these skills so they serve you. I won't give you a cut and paste class. You are too creative, and too unique, for that to work.

You can cancel at any time! You will need to go into your account, and let the system know to not bill you for the following month otherwise you will be automatically charged.

Different classes have different amounts of content. The lessons are all delivered as videos so you can watch them at your convenience. There are also worksheets available for each class.

When you subscribe to Your Ladders, you have access to all the classes. I've created The Your Ladders 5-Step System to help you navigate the classes to support your artistic journey. The system will tell you which lesson from which class to take, and it will guide you on the journey.

Yes, there are worksheets or workbooks for you to download. There are exercises you can do to layer on your knowledge to prepare for the next module.

Julie graduated from Boston University, and was recently profiled on BU Today.

Your Ladders was featured on Backstage.com

The Boston Irish Reporter profiled Julie and Your Ladders.

Listen to an interview with Julie about her writing journey, and her philosophy on being an artist: 

 July 2020 Interview

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