These days, being an artist requires pivots that none of us could anticipate.

I've worked in the performing arts for over 30 years, and taught arts management for over 15 years. As I pivot my classes, and coach people to adjust to the now, I've created two subscriptions for artists.

These subscriptions are designed to support you, and your journey, in different ways.

You can cancel at any time, and take the courses in whatever order you'd like.

Access to Classes


Designed to teach you the skills you need

  • Includes access to Your Ladders producing classes
  • Learn the business side of your artistic journey, including planning, budgeting, marketing, fundraising, promotion, pitching your work and more.
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Both Subscriptions


Save $10

  • You'll get the Theatre Entrepreneur subscription
  • You'll have access to the Your Ladders business classes
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Theater Entrepreneur


Designed to help you pivot

  • A live, monthly webcast
  • A planning calendar
  • Monthly musings to help you think about your path differently
  • Practical tips to help you pivot
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