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There are a lot of things to think about when you're navigating a performing arts path. These blog topics will help.

The Good Life Coach interview

I was thrilled to be interviewed by Michele Lamoureux on her podcast, The Good Life Coach. We talked about mindset, motivation, and writing. Enjoy!


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Journey v. Destination Thinking

It’s all about the journey, not the destination.

I’ve read this, said this, and preached this a lot over the years. For folks on a creative journey, it’s especially important to remember this. Destinations like publishing a book, getting a role, having designs approved, being hired to choreograph a piece, booking a gig are wonderful reasons for celebration. They are the culmination of hard work meeting opportunity, and they deserve to be celebrated.

But here’s the thing. Destinations on a creative journey are temporary. Sure, some folks can stretch them out. Destinations can lead to new opportunities. But they aren’t a place to rest, or stop. Given the nature of a creative journey, they also aren’t the way to measure your internal worth.

Your feeling of worth as a creative person has to come from within. Destination thinking and destination focus are outward validations of your work. Destination focus is also about being addicted to the...

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The Work of Being A Better Ally: My Action Statement

I need to apologize to all of you. I haven’t made a public statement this week, and I should have. I assume that people know my heart, and that isn’t fair. I need to use my privilege right now.

Black lives matter. Unequivocally. Let me start there. If you don’t believe that, or want to all lives matter me, please look in your heart and ask why you think that a statement about the humanity and dignity of Black people feels in any way a question.

I am beyond sickened by the murders of Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, and George Floyd, three recent examples of the violence on Black people in the United States. But being sad or upset isn’t enough. It isn’t nearly enough.

Rather than clutching my pearls and crying white lady tears, I’m thinking about my action plan moving forward. Here’s what my work in progress looks like right now. 

  1. Work on being a better ally. Call out racism. Lift up BIPOC voices. Be better.
  2. Learn. I need to become...
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We're in the In-Between

We're in the in-between. The pre-Covid19 days are behind us. Those carefree days of dinner and a show, and maybe drinks afterwards. The post Covid19 world (a world with a vaccine, or science backed ways to assemble again) is in the distance. We don't know when. So we're all navigating the in-between.

The in-between is foggy. Our maps don't work, and our compasses are out of whack. I've been noticing a sense of malaise setting in amongst my friends and colleagues in the performing arts. Because without the gathering, we can't do our work.

When I read earlier this week that scientists suggest that choral rehearsals may not be safe for a while, that's the moment the in-between started to envelope me. In the past, the arts and public gatherings have helped us heal. Now we're able to watch recorded gatherings, and imagine what it's like. That may sustain us for a while, but what about the artists? What about the people who's muse has called them to perform? Not only is performance off...

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Mindset Shifts for Creative People

This is one of my favorite mantras. Progress over perfection. So easy to think about, so hard to put into practice. Especially for creative people. Watch the video and let me know what you think.

This has been a rough week. In thinking about what I can do, how can I best support folks, I had two ideas. 

First, make the Your Ladders classes available to people. Use this link to sign up for 21 days of access free, with no obligations.

Second, I'm going to be in my Facebook group, Awakening the Muse Within, every day at 2pm ET to check in. Join the group, and drop in.

Take care of yourself.



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Breaking Through and Your Creative Passion

I am very excited about my "Breaking Through" program. I'm met so many emerging artists who are comfortable with their craft, but they are having trouble developing the strategies they need to get past the blocks that are stopping them. Blocks like frustration, burnout and uncertainty. I've created an 8 week program to help. It includes lessons, group coaching and support. This video explains more.

Join this program and change your life. 

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What do I mean by "making time" for your creative journey?

Time is a precious resource. None of us have enough. So how do you make time for your creative journey? And by time, what do I mean? There's more information about the webinar here.

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What do I mean by goal setting for artists, and how is that different?

A lot of folks want to set goals for their creative journey, but the traditional method of doing that doesn't work. Creative goals are born out of creative dreams. Dreams that may not be fully articulated yet. I've created a webinar to help. Its available for just $27. Learn more here.

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