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The Business of Preparing for Your Audition

auditions Feb 06, 2019

Years ago one of my mentors taught me a great phrase. Instead of telling someone they weren't doing well, tell them that there was something getting in the way of their success, and it needed to be addressed. After years of sitting behind the desk, checking folks in for auditions, I saw enough things that got in folks way of having a good audition that I decided to address them.

My goal was to create a short video to help performers get ready for the administrative side of their auditions. But then the video got longer, and I realized I needed to create a checklist to help. Head over to the Audition Prep page to watch the video and download the free checklist.

I'm not dealing with the artistic side of auditions. I'm dealing with the business side. Make sure you don't have unnecessary obstacles in your path. Your work is too important.


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