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The Balance: Unlock Your Creativity

On October 23 & 24 I'm going to be doing a free, live masterclass, "6 Ways to Unlock Your Creativity".  [Sign up here to save your spot.]

You're curious, but you're hesitant. Do any of these sound familiar?

  • "I don't have time to be creative"
  • "I don't have the talent"
  • "It's too late--I'm too old to learn xyz"
  • "This has been my dream for so long. What happens if I'm not good at it?"

If they do, this is precisely why you need to join me in this masterclass.

See, it's all about balance.

The balance of patience and passion. The balance of fear and confidence. The balance of being an apprentice and becoming a master.

You don't get rid of doubts, or fear. You balance it with intention and passion.

At one point in your future life, what would be worse.

Trying to do something creative and failing?

Or not trying?

Not trying. Every time. Creativity adds a measure of joy to life. Not the outcome--the process.

You need to finish the book. Learn how to play the instrument. Get on stage. Pick up a paint brush. Bake the epic cake. Taking a lesson isn't enough. Creating the changes in your life that support your creativity is what you need.

Join me for the free, live masterclass. Sign up here.

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Tapping into your creativity, or reclaiming the artist you abandoned years ago, are the best gift you can give yourself.

I'll see you in the masterclass.

Remember, balance.



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