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You know, we often want to accomplish our dreams tomorrow when we're living a creative life. Our mind is always going, we've got a million ideas, a million projects, a million things we want to do and we have the lack of patience in order to get there. You know, how can we get there faster, what can we do, what shortcuts can I take? And so today as part of the August recharging, reflection, relaxing conversation that I'm having I want to offer this thought to you. That the journey of a thousand steps begins with one, right?

We hear that all the time but let's sit back and reflect on what that means. We all have artistic dreams or creative dreams or things that we want to accomplish and I think that's really important. As a matter of fact, I spent July talking about goal setting and had such great conversations about it that I'm offering a free webinar on August 21st about goal setting. About how you can do it more and what that looks like for artists. How it's different for creative folks than it is for other folks when you set goals and how you're going to achieve them. Because we have a three dimensional life that requires some different strategies to think about how we're going to get to where we want to go.

And so I want to offer those strategies. Part of your goal setting and your dreams and making them into SMART goals so they're realistic and they're time bound and then into tasks means that you need to start somewhere. And sometimes we feel like if I can't do this, if I can't raise $10,000 tomorrow to do the show I'm not going to work on it or I'm not going to do this. And in fact the goal of the raising $10,000 is an important goal and you should have it because you need that money to make your work happen. But that doesn't mean that today you can't take three steps or one step to start working towards that goal. That doesn't mean today you can't work on a website or you can't reach out to somebody for a networking conversation or you can't take somebody who works in development out for a cup of coffee and ask for their advice. Those steps will get you towards "I need to raise this much money. I understand completely that I need to raise this much money feeds into 17 more goals, which is why I want to talk about it for creative folks. I'm an author and for me writing, setting a goal of writing a book is one goal and I've learned over time to break that down into manageable steps. But getting that book published and then getting it marketed are two other huge goals. They need their own micro steps and I may not be able to do everything for them but today I can put up an Instagram post. Today I can do a Facebook Live. Today I can reach out to a library who asked me to do a reader event and figure out the day that I'm going to come in and do it.

Those are micro steps that get me towards my ultimate goal of success and success as we define it--that's a whole different conversation and well one worth having because I think we're too hard on ourselves when we define success but I'll make that another video. So what I would love for you to think about as we're intentionally pausing in August to recharge, to relax, and to reflect on what does success look like to you, what goals have you set out for yourself and what micro steps can you set so that you're not overwhelming yourself, you're being realistic about the time you have.

I also encourage you to look at your schedule and take a sheet of paper and make seven columns and 24 rows and block out the time when you're traveling to work or when you're working or when you've got family stuff or when you're going to do laundry or when you're going to go grocery shopping or everything else you have to do to make your life work, when you're going to sleep. And if you don't have enough time or blocks of nothing during your day and by nothing, and I mean you know just I'm not go-go-going. I can sit for a half hour and have a cup of tea. I can read a book. I can watch a movie. I can go see an art show that I've wanted to see. I can absolutely do nothing. I can meditate. I can knit.

If you don't have some space on your calendar, create it. You have to because the only way you're going to recharge yourself as a creative human being, the only way you're going to recharge yourself as an artist is by giving yourself space and giving yourself time to let it all happen. Part of what we do is work and our intentional work towards a goal. The other part is magic and is being open to inspiration and to ideas and to new ways of looking at things. You need to give yourself time for that inspiration, you really do.

So look at your calendar, see what you can do about not over committing yourself and to giving yourself that space, especially since we're focusing on this month, to recharge your batteries, to relax, rest, and to reflect a bit on what you want to do moving forward. I hope that those micro steps, thinking about it, that the intentional steps you take can seem small but over time they get you to where you want to go. You have to have faith in yourself and have faith in your process to know that they're going to get you to where you want to go. Having goals and having dreams is incredibly important but give yourself a break and be really realistic about the time it's going to take to reach those goals.

Be kind to yourself right? We need to be kinder to ourselves. We often treat other people with much more kindness and much more understanding and much more compassion than we treat ourselves . When you're a creative person I think you're even harder on yourself because you have these expectations of perfection that realistically are we ever going to meet? But there's a point where you have to say this is good enough or this is what I'm going to do or you push a goal further away so that you can take the steps you need to take.

Some of those steps are going to include things like learning things. I mean that's why I created Your Ladders is to give folks an opportunity and a place to learn some business skills and some other skills that they can use, professional development skills, that they can use again if using that $10,000 a month example of how much money you need to raise in order to do the work you want to do, that can seem daunting. Your Ladders can help you figure out steps to do that. But you need to give yourself time. It's not overnight. We are all getting better the more we work on ourselves and the more we work on our creative lives so give yourself a break, truly give yourself a break, especially right now. And think about how you're moving forward and what may be shifts you need to make on your calendar or in your goal setting in order to reach those goals that you've set for yourself.

On August 21st I am going to do a goal setting and probably include some time management tools in this free webinar that I'm doing and stay tuned for more information on that. It will be in the show notes and I'll also be sending out a link. So if you go to, if you sign up for the free workbook on setting your foundation you will be on the mailing list and you'll hear as soon as the registration is open for the webinar. I look forward to seeing you there. This is something that I don't know that I struggle with it anymore but I did for a long time, the goal setting and also the time management to get me to those goals. So I look forward to sharing my tools with you and for all of us to be working with intentionality towards the goals that we set.

The world needs you to do your work, the world needs artists to offer their creative energy to it right now more than ever. So thank you for doing your work. Thank you for listening to this video, watching this video, and I'll see you in the next one.

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