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Journey v. Destination Thinking

It’s all about the journey, not the destination.

I’ve read this, said this, and preached this a lot over the years. For folks on a creative journey, it’s especially important to remember this. Destinations like publishing a book, getting a role, having designs approved, being hired to choreograph a piece, booking a gig are wonderful reasons for celebration. They are the culmination of hard work meeting opportunity, and they deserve to be celebrated.

But here’s the thing. Destinations on a creative journey are temporary. Sure, some folks can stretch them out. Destinations can lead to new opportunities. But they aren’t a place to rest, or stop. Given the nature of a creative journey, they also aren’t the way to measure your internal worth.

Your feeling of worth as a creative person has to come from within. Destination thinking and destination focus are outward validations of your work. Destination focus is also about being addicted to the hustle, wearing the badge of busy with pride, and being in constant churn.

Even worse, destination focus steals from your journey. You feel that if you don’t reach a destination, you’ve failed. You may even be concerned that if you work on your journey and still don’t reach your destination, it’s your fault. Your creativity is a lifelong pursuit, and that sort of thinking is poisonous.

Journey focused thinking supports your creativity from within. You give yourself the freedom and opportunity to explore. You create goals that work for your dreams, but also balance with the rest of your life. The validation comes from you. You don’t wait for someone else to give you the opportunity to celebrate your creativity.

This isn’t easy, but it is essential. Your creative journey is yours. No one else will care about it as much as you do. Your creative value is yours to define. This doesn’t mean that you should sit back and wait for life to happen. What it means is that your should create a journey that supports those dreams and supports the person with those dreams. That the journey itself should be joyful.

The Breaking Through: Navigation Your Creative Journey program is journey focused. The lessons are to support you as you explore new paths, realign your journey with your ‘why’, create balance, figure out the business side of your work, make time, and set goals that work for you. The 8 week program has lessons and workbooks that will support you on this journey work. There is also weekly group coaching, to help you navigate the blocks in your path, and getting support while you’re exploring.

Here is some feedback from the program:

As an actor, educator, and arts administrator, I found myself lost in the hustle of deadlines, lining up the next project and trying to prove myself at every step. I was moving further and further away from being the leader of my own creative journey. With Julie's help, I'm returning to why I chose this path and to envisioning a future in the arts that is sustainable, healthy and purposeful.” Sarah M.

“Her exercises are efficient and allow us to put everything into perspective so we can move forward. Julie reminds us that this is a journey and that it is on-going; the process does not stop upon completion of the course.” Scott A.

“Breaking Through is a resource all artists should devour no matter what stage they find themselves at in their creative journey. Julie with her compassion and care for the human behind the artist is someone we all need in our lives cheering us on.” Caroline C.

Are you ready to be the master of your own journey? Breaking Through starts on June 17 and there are still spaces available. Please give yourself the gift of shifting from destination focus to journey focus. Your creative energy is too important not to.

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