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One of the hardest lessons for me to learn in my life is that you’re never done learning. Actually, the hardest part is that I need to accept that’s part of the process. I am a fiction writer, and every time I sit down to start a book I’m convinced I won’t be able to do it. Every first draft is terrible. But editing and polish, plus a lot of practice, teaches me that at some point the book will be ready for readers.

As performing artists you understand that you have to practice your craft in order for it to remain fresh. You also have to take classes and learn new techniques in order to continue to grow. As your craft matures you need to acquire new skills. Some of them are to add depth to your work. Others are to adjust to a new phase in your career.

When you feel stuck as an artist, one of the best ways to reboot is to learn new skills. They can include business skills to help you produce your own work, or take better control of your career. They could also include skills in a different discipline to add to your portfolio. Perhaps you’d like to add to your resume skills by learning stage combat or a new vocal technique. A theater actor may want to take a film acting class. A singer may want to take a voice over class. The list goes on, and is worth making.

Your career is one long apprenticeship. Waiting for an opportunity to practice your craft can be frustrating, and paralyzing. Instead of waiting, keep learning. It makes the path much more interesting.


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