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Why are you doing your work?

Starting this week and going throughout March I am going to be offering a weekly opportunity for you to have a mind shift as an artist. This internal process will clarify your work and your path. It may reboot your passion. Or it may be an opportunity for you to explore shifts in your life to get you back to why you started your journey.

Listen, art work is real work. It takes effort, in unconstrained by 9-5 rules, requires a lot of hustle and the rewards are not always financial. In fact, for most folks I know, the financial aspects of doing the work cause anxiety. We also live in a society (and I'm talking to my US readers here) where art work is not valued.

All of this compounds to add to the suffering artist meme that is easy to buy into. 


Artists have a special lens that allows them to see live in technicolor and 3D, with all of the glory, the blemishes, and beauty and the angst in sharp focus. They got that lens by answering the call of the muse, by listening to their heart center, by following their imagination. Artists see what is possible, and figure out a path, however imperfect, to get there. Then, and this is the miracle of the process, they do it again and again.

So this week, as we look at opportunities so shift our mindset, let's drill down on a few questions:

  • What is your artistic path?
  • Why did you choose it, or did it choose you?
  • Why do you continue on the journey?

I've created a worksheet for this exercise, and it includes some more questions. Go here to download it.

In the coming weeks we'll discuss finding joy, goals, your value to others and dreams. Let's spend the next few weeks shifting our mindset from suffering to celebrating, from put upon to blessed. I look forward to working with you on this process. Join me Wednesday at 2pm ET for a FB live to talk about this.

Thank you for doing your work. I'll be doing a Facebook Live on Wednesday at 2pm ET. Join me to talk about this!


You're Almost There!

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