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Reboot Your Creative Journey in 2020

I'm not going to make this a "make a resolution" or "here's how to set goals"* post. Instead, I'm going to suggest you seriously think about how you can reboot your creative journey in 2020.

What do I mean by reboot? Give yourself a jumpstart. Refresh yourself. Hit the creative Ctrl-Alt-Del and get yourself unstuck. Or use the opportunity to remember why you're doing what you're doing. Become reacquainted with your muse. Shake off the dust.

We all need creative reboots once in a while. If you took my Time Management webinar in December, you know that I suggest artist dates to find new inspiration. (If you didn't take the webinar, I've made it available here.) Now, let's talk about other ways you can reboot your creativity.

Remember to have fun. Creative work is real work. But I've found that I forget to have fun when I'm doing my work. One of my goals this year is to stop, breathe, and remember to have fun.

Another way to reboot is to stretch yourself. Do you want to learn something new? Practice your craft more often? Be more visible in the community? Move beyond your comfort zone? Take steps to stretch, however you define it. Remember that needing help to stretch isn't a sign of weakness. Taking a class, finding a coach, joining a group. All of those things can help. Just remember that stretching is good for you.

Have you ever thought about exploring a new path? Take some time to explore that. Start with having informational interviews--talking to folks on the path to find out more about it. Read. Listen to podcasts. Here's the thing. You know what it's like to be called by the muse to go on a creative journey. If you feel as though you're being called on a new adventure, don't ignore that. Explore it.

One more reboot suggestion--take care of yourself. Seriously. If you're feeling burned out or uninspired, breathe. Take a break. Get some rest. You're not a robot. Creativity is a full body, full mind experience. Taking care of yourself can't wait until you're exhausted. It has to be part of your life. Make that a habit in 2020. 

* I've got two webinars--"Time Management for Artists and Creatives" and "Goal Setting for Artists and Creatives"--that I've made available for just $20 each. I'm also booking Goal Setting sessions for just $97. They include the Goal Setting Webinar and a one-hour session with me. Both of these webinars were created specifically for folks on a creative journey. That means that goals are based on your creative dreams. and time management includes making time for your craft and finding inspiration. Here's a link to more information, or to sign up.



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