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The Value of a Mindshift

Last weekend I went to a crime fiction conference in Vancouver. I was on one of the panels, which was fun since I love talking about my work. But as with most conferences, the best part was catching up with friends and fellow authors.

Seeing people in person is invaluable. We all manage our social media presence, so the good news abounds. But when you're sitting with someone you get the real scoop. Folks are out of contract, with new proposals out but no news. Others are worried that their series won't get renewed. There are people with good news but they can't share it publicly yet. 

Then there are the conversations that are incredibly helpful--did that ad work for you? Where did you get your bookmarks done? Are you doing a blog tour for your next book?

All of these are writing specific, but the value of in person meetings with folks on a similar path are transferable to other artistic fields as well:

  • Find out how people are really doing with their work
  • Get insights about who is great to work with, who isn't, and what new opportunities are coming up
  • Learn new skills and find folks who can help you on your journey

The other observation I made about the weekend was this--that folks who had actively done a mindset shift about their artistic journey felt better about their path no matter where they were on it. What is a mindset shift? It's taking a circumstance and reframing it to support you on your journey, rather than impede your progress. These shifts are important, but we don't talk about them enough. Instead, creative folks are left to feel that they've failed, or that they're doing something wrong if they feel overwhelmed, uninspired, or burned out. That doesn't have to be the case. 

I've created a FREE webinar, "5 Keys to An Artistic Mindshift: How to Shift Your Thinking Without Compromising Your Passion". I'll be doing it live several times in April, and invite you to join me. Your work, whether it is vocational or avocational, in the performing arts, literary arts, or other creative pursuits, is important. Let's talk about how reframing a few ideas will make your path easier.

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