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As a performing artist, there are times when you may need a more traditional resume and you have trouble translating your skills. Let me help you with this.

Your career is a small business, and you do a lot to support that business, including marketing, budgeting, promotion.

Are you a producer? You schedule, budget, set and meet goals.

As a performing artist, you collaborate, meet deadlines, adhere to schedules.

The next step to translating your skills is to remember this. Most folks don’t understand the arts. If a stage manager is looking for a job in event planning, we all know that they’d be great, because we know what a stage manager does. But most folks don’t, so handing them a show resume doesn’t help. What does help is translating your skills, using a resume format suitable for the field, and letting them know how your skills align with their needs.

I work with artists to build a solid resume for gigs that help them pay the bills. If you go here, there’s a worksheet that will help you do your own resume. Don’t discount your artistic work. Translate it for the audience reading the resume!


Ten Tips for Telling Your Professional Story with a Cover Letter and Resume That Works!


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