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We're in the In-Between

We're in the in-between. The pre-Covid19 days are behind us. Those carefree days of dinner and a show, and maybe drinks afterwards. The post Covid19 world (a world with a vaccine, or science backed ways to assemble again) is in the distance. We don't know when. So we're all navigating the in-between.

The in-between is foggy. Our maps don't work, and our compasses are out of whack. I've been noticing a sense of malaise setting in amongst my friends and colleagues in the performing arts. Because without the gathering, we can't do our work.

When I read earlier this week that scientists suggest that choral rehearsals may not be safe for a while, that's the moment the in-between started to envelope me. In the past, the arts and public gatherings have helped us heal. Now we're able to watch recorded gatherings, and imagine what it's like. That may sustain us for a while, but what about the artists? What about the people who's muse has called them to perform? Not only is performance off the table, but so are rehearsals, classes and readings. How do those people navigate the in-between? And how can I help?

I'm a teacher, and a creativity coach. I help people figure stuff out. So how can I help them navigate the in-between of now? I'm going to do a 21 Day In-Between Challenge, starting on May 15. Every day I'll email a prompt for folks to consider, think about, journal on, or act upon. I'll also go into my Facebook group to talk about the prompt, and create space for people to react.

After the 21 days, my goal is for people to have some new tools to work with that help them navigate the now. To help them feel supported during this time. I know that creative energy is going to help heal the world. I'm honored to help support the artists who will do that work in a number of ways. This challenge is one of them. Please join me.


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