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What are your artistic dreams?

We all need to have artistic dreams. Big dreams. Dreams that feel out of reach. Dreams live in our imagination

Goals are destinations toward which efforts are consistently being made.

Dreams can inspire goals. They should, especially for artists. Dreams alone aren’t enough to create reality, though. Goals do that.

Often dreams feel like amorphous thoughts not tethered to reality. I would argue that creating goals inspired by your dreams helps them come true. I’ve talked about this before--the journey is the point for artists. The destination is part of the journey, but can’t be the reason for doing your work. We all know that once you reach your destination (opening night, publication day, the beginning of a tour, etc.) you’re going to get back on the ride. 

Throughout this month I’m going to talk about goals. I’ll add weekly assignments to these blog posts, and talk about them on Instagram and during the Facebook live I’m doing on Friday afternoons at 2:30

This week’s prompt--get a journal and start writing down the dreams for your artistic career. Don’t edit yourself. Don’t think about whether they’re possible or not. Write down the biggest dreams you’ve got. 

You may want to create a vision board. Go through some magazines and cut out images and words that speak to you. Paste them on a piece of poster board, and put that somewhere you can see it.

Next week we’ll talk about turning those dreams into goals.


For Your Ladders subscribers, the training this week will go into goal setting in depth, and I’ll have a worksheet for you as well as some journaling prompts.


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