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What are your artistic goals?

I’ll never forget a conversation I had with my agent shortly before my first book was published. He said that getting published was the first step in the career. The next step was staying published.

It ends up, that second step is tougher than the first in many ways. But since writing still gives me joy, I persist in moving forward.

But moving forward required more than luck, it requires a plan. The first step in figuring out my plan is to set some long term and short term goals for my artistic path.

For some folks setting goals and figuring out a plan feels too businessy, like that work takes the art out of your practice. With all due respect to those folks, they’re wrong.

Setting long term goals and short term goals, and creating a plan, is the best way to navigate your artistic path. Your plan grounds you. It helps remind you why you’re on your path. It helps you let folks know why you do your work while you claim your creative space.

You can set goals around several areas.

Your art. Short term goals--doing more of what connects to you. Long term--leveling up, however you define that.

Opportunities. Short term goal--look for more opportunities to do your work. Long term--create more opportunities for yourself by networking with folks, partnering with other artists, establishing yourself in your community, or branching out.

Money. Short term goal--figuring out money in your creative life. Long term goal--making a portion (all?) of your income with your artistic life. Creating a portfolio career that aligns more with the joy of your work.

I’ve created a free worksheet for you to explore goal setting for your artistic path. This is the only rule for this worksheet: envision what you want. You may not have the tools to get you there, but you can build those.

Thank you for doing your work, and for contributing your creativity to the world.


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