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Your Marketing Story

When you think about marketing, think beyond the transactional “this will help me sell tickets” or “this will help me raise money” reasons for marketing. That is part of marketing, of course. But marketing encompasses many things, and today I’d like you to remind you how to use marketing to tell your story. The story of you as a producer, or as a company, which are as important as the work you are producing. Here are some of the areas where you should make sure you are telling a consistent story.

Do you have an “About Us” page on your website? On your Facebook page? What does your Instagram profile say? Take advantage of those opportunities to let folks know how to reach you, what your origin story is, and what they should expect of you.

Your unique value statement is what audiences expect of you. Here’s a link to a “5 Arts Thoughts” video I did about Unique Value Statements. This is different than a mission statement, which is why YOU do YOUR work. They may align, but make sure your marketing story supports your unique value.

Are your branding decisions in place? (Here’s a video about that.) Are you using them everywhere? Remember, these can be as simple as fonts and colors, but used consistently, they matter.

When you send out press releases, do you have a “About Us” section on the bottom of your press release that points folks back to your website, and lets them know about you? When folks mention you, do you make it easy for them to tag you on social media, and ask that they do that?

Don’t assume people know about you. Because of that, don’t make it hard for them to find out. They may be interested in a production, show, or concert you’re doing, but let them know about the underlying producer, company, bank, group who are producing the work.

Your marketing efforts can, and should, support your work on many different levels. Implementing these suggestions will help you ensure that they do.


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