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The Your Ladders Blog

There are a lot of things to think about when you're navigating a performing arts path. These blog topics will help.

Why do I need a plan?

Are you an artist who is comfortable with creating the work, and you can imagine the applause, but the leap in between stymies you? There can be a few reasons for that. Fear of business. Fear of failure. Comfort with living in the "I've created this" zone, and fear of moving out of it. 

I get it, I really do. But here's what I know. There can be many reasons to not share your work, but fear of the business side can't be one of them. 

I created Your Ladders to help performing artists bridge that gap--build their own ladders with the tools that I provide and teach. I'm focusing on performing artists because I've worked in the performing arts for over 30 years as an arts administrator, and arts management classes for almost 15 years.

I've broken the process down into three steps:

  1. Creating a plan
  2. Figuring out the money
  3. Letting folks know about the plan

Why do you you need a plan? What am I talking about with the plan? The plan is the foundation--the beginning of a business...

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