You're doing all the things, but it's not working.

Maybe you're not getting the traction you thought you'd get.

Or maybe you feel unprepared for the twists and turns of your journey. The stops and starts. The uncertainty.

Perhaps this in-between time has given you a chance to take a breath, and you want to figure out new creative paths.

I know so many talented people who stop their creative journey because they think they must be doing something wrong. They feel as if they're treading water and can't figure out how to move forward. They're stuck in the weeds, and don't have the strategies for cutting through them.

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First of all, let me say this. It's normal to feel this way. The overwhelm. The frustration. The lack of balance. The uncertainty.

We're really good at encouraging folks to explore their creativity, and to set off on their journey. And that's a good thing. Our world needs the magic of creative energy. Now more than ever.

But when things don't work out according to plan? For a while you can keep going. But then exhaustion sets in. Frustration. Defeat.

The people I meet are fine with the hard work.What they need is to develop the confidence to figure out how to make the hard work pay off. 

They don't need a plan B or C. The plan is to keep doing the work. What they need are strategies to move forward with their plan. Insight that helps them explore new paths. Confidence to take creative leaps.

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Scott A.

Breaking Through is an excellent course for every artist who is serious about pursuing their craft. Julie presents her advice in a practical, realistic manner and provides worksheets and workbooks that assist her students along their journey.

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Caroline C.

Breaking Through is a resource all artists should devour no matter what stage they find themselves at in their creative journey. Julie, with her compassion and care for the human behind the artist, is someone we all need in our lives cheering us on.

What will your journey feel like after going through this program?

  • You'll remember why you do your work, and what inspired you in the first place.
  • You'll develop strategies for exploring new paths.
  • You'll build your community, and discover new ways to use your talent.
  • You'll find balance. Balance in time. Balance in life.
  • You'll understand your value, and how to negotiate it in different situations.
  • You'll create a plan that will lead you on a joyful journey.

What do the modules include?

  1. Remembering your why. Reconnecting to your creative purpose. 
  2. Setting your intentions. What are your goals? Your creative dreams?
  3. Building your 3 Cs. Craft. Community. Channels to get your work out there.
  4. Making the most of your time. Time is your most precious resource. Let's figure out how to manage it in a way that works for you.
  5. Finding your balance. How do you juggle it all? 
  6. Figuring out your value. How much should you charge? How can you make it all work?
  7. Self promotion that works for you. That aligns with your purpose, and your goals.
  8. Making a plan that works. For you. 


Let's break through those barriers that are stopping you.


I know that a lot of artists learn a ton about craft, but nothing about the business side of their work. And too little about survival.

I'd love to change that, which is why I created this program. Of course you need to work on your craft. You know how to do that.

I created Your Ladders, and this class, to help artists develop the confidence they need for their journey, and learn strategies for getting past the blocks and obstacles in their path. 

This course is going to help you do just that.

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