Empower Your Artistic Path

Learn the business skills you need. Get past the obstacles in your path. Transform your career.

Artists spend years studying their craft, developing their artistic skills, and challenging themselves to go forward. But when they discover the gap between making the art and hearing the applause, they aren't sure how to move forward.

Have you thought about producing your own work, but you don’t know where to begin?

Do you wish a business course had been included in your artistic training?

Are you a theater/music/dance teacher who is overwhelmed with the producing side of your job?

Are you a playwright, director, actor, dancer, musician or singer who is starting to think about a dream project, but don't know where to start on the business side?

Are you collaborating with a group of artists, and feel that you need to do some planning to get on the same page?

Do you feel as if your career has stalled?

You are why I created the
Business Blueprint for Performing Artists.


My name is Julie Hennrikus. In my thirty year arts career I’ve walked many paths. I’ve worked in box office, as house managers, company managers and general managers. I’ve worked in marketing. I’ve programmed venues. I’ve taught arts administration on the college level for over ten years, and run countless workshops. I’ve also run an arts service organization, which gave me tremendous insight into the challenges both artists and organizations face. I’m a fierce arts advocate who understands the importance of the arts, and of artists.

In the other part of my life, I am a published mystery author. I have no doubt that my arts administration skills have helped me in my career by giving me solid foundation skills to support my writing.


Many artists resist learning about the business because they feel it takes away from the art.

Or that with their limited time, they would rather not think about budgets or marketing plans.

I get it, I really do. But here’s the thing.

Time invested in developing your business skills will reward you many times over.

These skills are learned, then practiced.

Then they become second nature, a solid foundation on which to build your career.

On which to build your dreams.

What is included in the Business Blueprint course?

The three classes in this course are taught with short videos and worksheets so you can fit each lesson around your schedule, and take them at your own pace and at your own convenience. You’ll always have access to the course, and can retake the lessons at any time.

Footing Your Ladder

By building a strong foundation, you will create a business plan to help you move forward. You’ll learn the difference between a mission statement and your unique value proposition, and where and how to use each. I’ll teach you my SMART SCAMP model, which is applicable in many circumstances.

Climbing Your Ladder

Climbing Your Ladder is a class about money and the arts. I know, this is a difficult topic and conversation. But you need to understand budgets and income plans so that you can move forward. What are the expenses that go on a budget? What are sources of income? How do you decide how much to charge for your tickets or services? Create a budget and an income plan.

Extending Your Ladder

Extending Your Ladder is a class about marketing. What does marketing mean? What goes into a marketing plan? How far in advance should you think about marketing. Tip, well in advance of opening night.

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"Her classes taught me so much about not just arts management, but about how to think about and assess theater on a micro and macro level."

S. S.

"I still make most of my major career decisions using wisdom Julie taught me. I am very grateful to have had the opportunity to learn from her!"

A. L.

"Not only does Julie have an incredible amount of arts management knowledge, she's a thoughtful and effective educator."

K. R.

Your Business Blueprint Experience

The Business Blueprint for Performing Artists course is a three part strategy that builds solid business skills taught through the lens of the artist.

These business skills are taught for you as an artist, and your artistic practice.

After completing the course you will have a business plan, a solid budget, some ideas about an income streams, and a marketing plan.

The skills you will learn will add to your artistic path by giving you new avenues to explore.

Have you thought about going back to school to take a business class, but committing to a specific time is difficult? Or the cost of a comprehensive class is prohibitive? A college class can cost between $3000-4000 dollars, and may not fit your needs.

The Business Blueprint can be taken at your own pace, and is price is designed to fit into your budget, with an option for a payment plan. You have lifetime access to the course, and to the materials that will continue to be added.

Here’s another question to consider--what would it cost you to not develop these skills? What impact would that have on your career, on your dreams?

In addition to the Blueprint Course, I am including these amazing bonuses!

Spotlight on Spreadsheets

This additional class will teach you basic spreadsheet skills. In addition, there are lessons on how to use a spreadsheet for doing a budget, tracking your audiences, and career planning.

A $99 value.

A Pitching Class

With this added skill building webinar, you will learn the best way to pitch yourself or pitch your project.

I also cover different types of pitches, and how to use them.

A $59 value.

3 LIVE Bonus Webinars

I am going to schedule three LIVE webinars in March to go over each of the three classes in the Business Blueprint, and to answer questions you may have! These webinars will be recorded, and added to the Resource Library.

A $297 value

The Resource Library

This library includes webinars (including my Resume and Cover Letter and Making Time For Your Artistic Life webinars) and other resources. This is an amazing value added resources that will continue to grow.

A $399 value.

Special Early Registration Bonus

for the first 25 folks who register

Since this is the inaugural launch of the Business Blueprint, I have a special bonus, a 30 minute call with me. We'll set up the call in March.

On this call we can discuss how to apply what you're learning to your work. I'll help you connect the lessons to your work, or help you brainstorm through any blocks you're finding.

My Guarantee

This class is not a cut and paste class that won't take any effort from you. But you're used to that--you're an artist. You know that to get the results you need to put in the effort, and the time.

If this class doesn’t transform the way you look at the business side of your artistic practice, I will refund you in full. You have 14 days to take me up on this offer. I will ask that you send me the work you’ve done with your refund request before I process it.

You are an artist. You know there isn’t a guarantee of success with anything on this path. But here’s what I know--I have spent a career helping artists on this path. I am passionate about the importance of your work, and take my role in helping you very seriously. The skills you'll learn will help you bridge a dream to the sound of applause.

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