First, You Plan

There’s a gap between making their work and hearing the applause
that a lot of artists are afraid to jump. Where to start?

The first step is Creating a Plan. This comes before fundraising, before selling tickets, before marketing. This is the fundamental work you need to do before anything else. 

Please join me for a FREE LIVE webinar about Creating a Plan.

In this webinar you'll learn about:

  • brainstorming your idea
  • thinking about collaborators, and getting them on board
  • establishing your presence
  • how to build a community around your idea
  • the difference between a mission statement and a unique value statement, and how to use both
  • the importance of thinking backwards

I'm doing 3 LIVE webinars--
February 14 2PM EST
February 16 2PM EST
February 18 2PM EST!

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