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Is your journey in the performing arts not working for you?

Not the craft side. You've been taking lessons for years. Doing the work. Putting in the time. Getting yourself out there.

But there's another part of your journey no one taught you, but you need to understand in order to move forward.

The mechanics and mindset of your creative journey.

The mechanics are about the business side of your work. The side that deals with networking, marketing, producing your own work, or understanding where you want to go next. 

Then there's the mindset work that is required. How do you figure out a new path? How do you motivate yourself to keep going?

Helping you with the mechanics and mindset is what Your Ladders is all about.

Let me tell you why I created Your Ladders.
Hint, it's for you.

I've been working in the performing arts for over 30 years, and I've taught arts management classes for over ten. A couple of years ago one of my students told me that he felt better about graduating (he was an actor and playwright in a BFA program) because he took my class, and that he wished some of his classmates who were panicking had taken it as well.

That wasn't the first time someone had told me that. When I talk about or teach arts management some folks expect the experience to be like taking castor oil. Supposedly good for you, but difficult to swallow. 

Your Ladders is the idea that by providing tools for artists, they can build their own ladders over obstacles in their path and get where they want to go. 

As a multi-published mystery author, I know the skills I talk about and teach have helped my publishing path. 

I also know that empowering artists is my calling. I believe that the work of creative folks changes the energy of the world in wonderful ways. I want you to do your work on whatever scale, and in whatever discipline. I am here to help you on your creative path, and I do that in a number of ways.

But I'm an artist. I shouldn't have to understand business.

Of course you should. Because as an artist, you are your own small business. Even when your creative journey isn't your "main" job, or if you pursue your passion for the love of it only, you'll want to get your work out there. Or get more work. Or different work. Or maybe produce your own work.

Listen, I'm not saying you have to get a degree in arts administration. I am saying that understanding some business principles, which include marketing, planning, and networking, you'll benefit as an artist.


You don't have to go back to school to learn the business skills you need.

The Your Ladders subscription gives you access to classes and webinars for just $35 a month.

Want to subscribe to access to the classes above for $35 a month? Learn more!

These business classes are taught for performing artists

Whether you're starting a company, producing work, or exploring new paths on your creative journey, these classes are built for you. Click on the boxes to learn more about each course.

These mini-classes will give you fast actions steps that support your creative journey

$47 each, or all 3 for $99

Buy the classes here!

Do you need an inspiration reboot?

This new course, taught by Carolyn Wilkins and I, supports writers with developing the tools that help them tap into the magic of creativity and develop a relationship with their muse.

Breaking Through is a 8 week course designed to help you break through the blocks in your path

How do you negotiate? Build your community? Set goals? Figure out time management? Create a plan? This call helps you develop the skills to figure it out.

Learn more!
Buy the Time Management webinar here!
Buy the Goal Setting Webinar here!

Do you feel stuck? Are you trying to transition to a new path?

I developed a Muse Mapping coaching model to help people on their creative journey. This self coaching program will take you through the model over the course of 12 weeks. You'll learn tools for getting past blocks, ways to investigate new paths, and you'll create a map for your creative practice that works for you.

Learn more!

Are you wondering how Your Ladders classes work?

You can take the classes however you want. And retake them as long as you are a member of Your Ladders. I've also developed a 5-Step System to help folks go through all the classes and build on knowledge. Interested in learning more?

Download the "Setting the Groundwork" workbook, which is Step 1, now. You'll be opted into my mailing list, but don't worry. I'll never sell your name.

6 p's image

The 6 P's of Producing Your Artistic Path

This workbook will guide you through prompts to help you be more mindful about your creative journey.

Download it here!
taking care of your creative self

Taking Care of Your Creative Self

These days, we all need to make sure to take care of ourselves. Special attention must be paid to our creative selves. This free guide will help.

Download it here!
Checklist for Audition Prep

Be Prepared for Your Next Audition

This workbook and video will help you prepare for your next audition--using the business side of your brain.

Download it here!
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Translating Your Artistic Superpowers

There are times when you'll need to create a traditional resume. This worksheet will help you translate your skills. 

Download it here!

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