Do you need help with your artistic life?

Not the craft side. You've been taking lessons for years. Doing the work. Putting in the time. Getting yourself out there.

But there's another side of your journey no one taught you. The business side. The side that deals with networking, marketing, producing your own work, or understanding where you want to go next. The side that helps you understand how the business works so that you can make better goal making decisions.

Your Ladders can help you with that.

Hi, I'm Julie Hennrikus

Let me tell you why I created Your Ladders. Hint, it's for you.

I've been working in the performing arts for over 30 years, and I've taught arts management classes for over ten. A couple of years ago one of my students told me that he felt better about graduating (he was an actor and playwright in a BFA program) because he took my class, and that he wished some of his classmates who were panicking had taken it as well.

That wasn't the first time someone had told me that. When I talk about or teach arts management some folks expect the experience to be like taking castor oil. Supposedly good for you, but difficult to swallow. 

Your Ladders is the idea that by providing tools for artists, they can build their own ladders over obstacles in their path and get where they want to go. 

As a multi-published mystery author, I know the skills I talk about and teach have helped my publishing path. 

I also know that empowering artists is my calling. I believe that the work of creative folks changes the energy of the world in wonderful ways. I want you to do your work on whatever scale, and in whatever discipline. I am here to help you on your creative path, and I do that in a number of ways.

The Your Ladders Subscription

For just $29 a month you'll have access to the Your Ladders online classes and workbooks, previous trainings, webinars and Q&A sessions. Classes include planning, marketing, budgeting, networking, self-promotion and more. 

I've created a 5-step system to guide you through the coursework. 

Learn more here!

Coaching & Accountability

As a trained life coach who specializes in working with creative folks to get past blocks, set goals, manage transitions and more, I am offering different packages for folks looking for that support.

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Your Ladders Classes can be taken one at a time, or you can use the 5-Step System I've developed.

All of these classes are specifically designed to support artists on their journey. The 5-Step System will walk you through "Setting the Groundwork" to "Building Your Skills" to the final step, "Planning". Download this free workbook now to get a taste of how I approach your learning journey.


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