Have you always wanted to
write a book, but something's stopped you?

You haven't been able to create a writing practice that works for you.

You start, but then you lose steam.

You worry that you don't have the imagination to pull it off.

Knowing how to write isn't enough.

Craft is important, but it isn't enough. Not understanding how to put a book together, how to shape your narrative to support your story, that gets in the way of success.

You may have a story, but do you have a book? 

Do you have what it takes to pull it off?

The list of what I wished I'd known when I started my writing journey is long.

I use that list in my programs, coaching and webinars.

The list includes how to plot. The importance of editing. How to write your way through the muddled middle. What a successful writing practice means. The mindset shifts that are necessary to get through.

I also wish I'd know how much joy I'd find on my writing journey. After 8 published novels, the journey continues.

What sort of support do I offer for your writing journey?

The most important thing to know is that I support you on your journey, the journey to write your book. 

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