You have an idea. Or ten. But the "how" isn't clear.

Let's talk about setting goals in a way that works.

Goal setting can be fraught for artists, particularly if we use traditional methods of doing it. We start with big ideas, or lifelong dreams and set a bold goal. But getting to the goal doesn't always work out.

Let's make 2020 the year that changes.

Goal setting for a creative practice is different.


Most goal setting is based on a standardized goal. Make $X dollars. Lose Y pounds. Do Z things by this date.

But for artists, we're setting goals for things that aren't as clearly defined. For projects that are barely ideas. For steps that aren't always clear.

Our goals depend on other goals to happen. They also feed other dreams.

I've developed a goal setting system that takes the creative journey into account.

I have two different offers for folks. One will give you access to a webinar and workbook I created explaining the system.

The other offer adds an hour-long session with me to talk through your specific goal setting journey.

Is it time to invest in your creative journey?




  • Webinar
  • Workbook
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1:1 Goal Setting Session



  • One hour goal coaching session
  • Webinar & Workbook access
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