You've only got 168 hours a week.

In those 168 hours you need to include it all. Work. Family. Sleep. Love. Food. Fun. Obligations.

When you've answered the call of the muse and embarked on a creative journey, that adds to the time pressure. The journey often requires developing your craft, working on current projects, and figuring out next steps.

The overwhelm can lead to frustration, giving up on your path, and undermining your dreams.

This webinar has been designed to help you plan your week in a way that supports your life, and your creative journey.

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Time management is often a juggling act. How can you confidently figure out a system that works for you? 

The first step is admitting that there aren't any time turners or magic wands that make this easy.

The second step is to understand that you'll have to make some tough decisions.

The third step? Developing a system that you supports you, your life, and your creative journey.

Let this be the year you
make time for your creative journey.

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Batching Time

And other best practices for time management, all taught through a creative lens.

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4 Time Requirements

There are four types of appointments that support your creative journey.

168 hours

Your 168 Hours

Busy, overwhelmed and exhausted are not virtues. Plan your week mindfully.

Making time for your creative journey is the best gift you can give yourself.

Maybe you've already answered the call of the muse, but the journey is overwhelming and you don't have time to think.

Or you want to answer it, but you don't have time.

You can continue on as you've been doing, of course.

But at some point, you may regret not making the time to explore your creative journey. Or not spending the time to explore and advance your craft.

This webinar will give you the tools to be more mindful about how your spend your time. Let's make those 168 hours count.


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When people on an artistic journey feel stuck, burned out, uninspired, or they miss the journey they've abandoned, Your Ladders has coaching, classes and webinars that help them develop creative confidence to reach their dreams.

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Give yourself the gift of time for your creative journey.

Learning how to manage your time is a tool that you'll use to support your creative journey. This webinar and workbook will start you on the path of managing your time.

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