Learn how to market yourself and your projects

Marketing is about more than selling seats to your performances. It is about building engagement with your audiences. Creating expectations. Celebrating when you deliver on them.


Your Work

What is your unique value proposition? How do you let folks know about it?

Research & Development

Your audiences are the folks who see you work, and who support you. How much do you know about them? How do you build them?

Streams & Plans

Which marketing streams should you use? What goes into a marketing plan?

Here's What You'll Learn

You'll learn that marketing requires skill, research, and creativity.
As a creative person, you have to rely on all three elements for a successful campaign.

You're asking folks to do two things, spend time and money on your work. That can be daunting, but this class removes the mystery and gives you solid tools to work with. We'll discuss audiences--defining who they are, or who you want them to be. We'll talk about different marketing streams--the must dos, and the "if you have the budget" items.

Most importantly, you'll learn how to talk about your work, and engage folks. This class is designed for artists who want to develop these necessary skills, and aren't sure where to begin.

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