Want to make 2020 your creative year? Creativity coaching will get you there!

Feeling called to connect, or reconnect, with your creativity?

Have you always wanted to write a book, be on stage, or paint?

Were you an artist back in the day, but you gave it up to pursue "grown-up" things?

Do you want to remember what it's like to feel that creative passion again?

Are you at the stage in your life where you're often thinking "Is that all there is?"

If so, you are in the right place. I’ve developed a program to support your inner artist -- so you can FINALLY create what has been in your heart to do.

How? I do that through Muse Mapping™ - a program I’ve developed over the last 30 years working with artists, creators, writers, and more!

I'd like to learn more!

What makes Muse Mapping unique?

Do you want this to be the year you finally [fill in the blank of your creative dream]? Do you want to reclaim the artist inside?
Muse Mapping is for you.
In the twelve weeks of the program, you'll be guided through the Muse Mapping process. This is YOUR creative journey--Muse Mapping will guide you to chart your course to realize dreams that have been hidden away for too long. This is your time to play and enjoy the process while creating something of meaning to you.
Don’t let your creative talents sit unexpressed any longer.

What to expect?

a step-by-step process that meets you where you are

Each week you'll receive videos and assignments to support you as you move through each carefully crafted step intended to help you tap into your muse, and develop your unique creative journey.

creating your muse map

You've been in other programs where you're excited during, but you lose steam afterwards. In Muse Mapping you'll create your own map--your own plan--that will ensure that your creative path is part of your life.

The Muse Mapping Journey

Embarking on a creative journey is about more than learning skills.
It's learning about yourself, dealing with the blocks and obstacles in your path, and creating a plan that works for you, and your life.
This isn't a one-size fits all solution.
This is YOUR solution.

Preparing Yourself for Your Journey

Charting the Obstacles

Exploring Your Different Paths & Solutions

Drafting a Plan

Preparing to Stay the Course

Setting Out on Your Joyful Journey


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Learn more about Muse Mapping!

This will be an investment in yourself and in your creative journey. Let's set up a time to talk more about it.