Do you always wish you'd written a book, or been on stage, or done that painting?

Were you an artist back in the day, but you gave it up to pursue "grown-up" things? Do you want to remember what it's like to feel that creative passion again?

Are you at the stage in your life where you're humming "Is That All There Is?" a lot?

I've developed my Muse Mapping program for you. 



step-by-step lessons

Muse Mapping is a six step process. Online videos and worksheets will walk you through each of these steps.

coaching & accountability

You will have group coaching calls to help you on your mapping journey. There will also be accountability systems set up.

creating your muse map

At the end of this program you will have worked on your goals, worked through your blocks, figured out a path forward and mastered the skills to make your new creativity part of your life.

The Muse Mapping Program is designed to change your life.

The goal isn't to give you a map, it's to give you the tools to create your own.

A muse map that unlocks your creativity, that deals with the obstacles and blocks in your path, that helps you explore where you want to go, that builds your confidence to get there. 

Each Muse Mapping program will have limited numbers of folks involved, so you will get time on the group coaching calls and support on your journey. 

Time is precious, and creativity is a gift given to all, but used by few. 

Let's get started on your muse mapping adventure.

Are you interested in Muse Mapping?

When this program is offered the group size will be limited. This session will start on November 5, 2019 and will run for 7 weeks. Just in time to start 2020 off on right!
Sign up here and I'll let you know as soon as registration opens up!


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Learn more about Muse Mapping!

This will be an investment in yourself and in your creative journey. Let's set up a time to talk more about it.