Write Your Novel 5-Day Boot Camp!

Ready to write your book?

Have you always wanted to write a book, but you aren’t sure how to start? Or you’ve started, but haven’t finished? Or is writing a book an idea that is just starting to form, but you want to test it out before you invest in classes, coaches and workshops? This free, five day boot camp will be offered with live classes held inside a Facebook group.

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The boot camp will take place in a Facebook group, and you'll get the link once you register here.

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5 Days of Live Lessons

Held in the Facebook group I created for the boot camp.

Mechanics and Mindset

I'll cover both in the lessons I'm doing. 

Process That Works

That works for you. This boot camp is all about helping you figure out your process, using the tips I'll share.

Tapping Into the Joy

Writing isn't always easy, but it is a joyful journey. Or should be.