Build a Solid Foundation for Your Work

In order for a ladder to be effective, it needs a good footing. FOOTING YOUR LADDER will help you use business tools and your creative lens to build a foundation that aligns with your mission.


Vision & Values

Why do you do this work? What made you answer the call? Mission/Vision/Values support you as an artist, and your work.

SCAMP model

My SMART SCAMP model uses business tools, taught through a creative lens.

Unique Value

What is your unique value proposition as an artist? What is it for your work? How can you use it?

A Plan

How do you pull this all together and start a business plan? We'll cover that, and give you a template.

Here's What You'll Learn

Business Tools and Your Creativity. A Powerful Combination.

There are two reasons this class is a great foundation for your career and work. First of all, the work you'll do will remind you about why you do this work. You'll learn the importance of aligning to your mission. You'll develop tools to help you map a new path forward.

The second reason is so that you can translate your work for folks who don't speak artist. These tools will help you develop a business plan that will help open doors.

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Planning is the foundation for your creative journey. This course will teach you how to plan for a project, a company, or yourself. Isn't it time to build a firm foundation for your dreams?

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