Money. Earning it.  Raising it.  Spending it.

Money is a huge topic for artists. This class will deconstruct types of income and expenses. I don't have a magic formula, but I do have tools to share that will help you when making money decisions.


Income & Expenses

Making budget decisions can be overwhelming. We'll talk about breaking down income and expenses, and making decisions based on your budget.


There are two funding sources artists can explore--grants and individuals. We'll discuss both.

Money Decisions

How do you decide how much to charge? What is your gross potential? How do you decide what you need to do when your budget doesn't balance?

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Here's What You'll Learn

Money is a big, complicated subject for artists.
Let's break it down into manageable pieces so you can make solid decisions about your work and career.

I can't, and won't, promise you a magical chant that brings forth unicorns with pots of gold. That isn't how arts funding works. I created this course to give you the tools to deal with money decisions actively.

We'll talk about earned and contributed income, different types of expenses, deciding on how much to charge for your work, and making active money decisions.

In this class, I'm going to empower you to tackle these topics. I won't give you templates, but I will give you tools.

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