Does the thought of using a spreadsheet panic you? Or are you not sure what you'd use them for? This class is for you.


Spreadsheets 101

Are you uncertain where to begin? Do you want to learn about formulas? Need to learn what else a spreadsheet can do?


What is a budget? What are income and expenses? How can spreadsheets help you?

Your Audiences

You have lists of folks who have seen your work, or supported it, but you don't know what to do with them.

Your Career

Learn how to use a spreadsheet to track your career. What you've done. And what you want to do.

Here's What You'll Learn

I designed this class to demystify spreadsheets for artists, and to give you examples of their usefulness.

If you already use pivot tables, and are a master at graphs and charts, this class isn't for you. If you're an artist who is trying to get to the next level, knows spreadsheets would be a great tool, but your palms sweat at the thought of using them, this is your class.

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