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When you've added a creative journey to your life, regular goal setting techniques don't work.

Sure, there are things you can learn from those exercises. But going from goals to SMART goals doesn't take one thing into account. That one thing? That creative goals start with dreams.

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This goal setting system takes your dreams, your imagination, into account.


In fact, you'll start there. Brainstorming your creative dreams, and then breaking them down into buckets, categories, of ideas. Only then will you move to goal setting.

When you're on a creative journey, no matter what the journey or where you are on your path, you're always working towards the next "thing". Sometimes you aren't even sure what it is. It could be stepping up to a new level. Perhaps it's a shift in your journey. Or maybe it's restarting completely.

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Start with your dreams

Brainstorm. Remember why you're doing this. Reclaim the joy of the journey.

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Make your goals SMART

Make them specific, time bound and achievable. Make yourself accountable.

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Take action

Break the goals down into steps you can take daily. Build consistency into your life.

This webinar will walk you through the system, step by step

Are you ready to move closer to your creative dreams? To figure out what the steps are that will get you there?

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When people on an artistic journey feel stuck, burned out, uninspired, or they miss the journey they've abandoned, Your Ladders has coaching, classes and webinars that help them develop creative confidence to reach their dreams.


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