The Your Ladders
Step Classes

These mini classes teach invaluable skills as you move forward on your artistic path, no matter what that path looks like.

Like many of you, in my career I wear three hats. First, I've worked in the performing arts for over thirty years. Second, I've taught arts administration classes for over ten years. Third, I'm a published mystery author.

Each of these hats had benefited from the the skills of understanding self promotion, networking, and preparing pitches and presentations that work. Many artists aren't taught these skills, which leaves them at a disadvantage.

The goal of Your Ladders is to help artists build ladders over business obstacles in their path.

Learning these skills are a critical step forward on your artistic path. They will be used throughout your career. 

I've created three mini classes that will teach you these skills effectively, and through a lens that supports the artist. Why are these skills important?

  • You need to think of yourself as a small business, because that's what you are.
  • As part of that business, you have to promote yourself. That doesn't have to be inauthentic, but it does have to be done. Folks need to be able to find you.
  • You are part of a community. The opportunities to network, and build that community, are important as you explore your artistic path.
  • When folks ask you what you do, are you prepared to tell them? Do you know how to pitch your work effectively?
  • All of these skills add to your artistic toolbox. They move you and your work forward.

So if you’re ready to finally do learn these skills while avoiding overwhelm

Here's how I'll help you get here:

Class 1

Self Promotion for Artists

This class will help you build your self promotion efforts in a way that works for you, and your artistic goals.

Class Highlights:

What do you need to have in place for self promotion? What are the best practices you should employ to support your work?

  • Build a landing place for folks to find you
  • Develop a plan with the best practices for social media
  • Know what materials you need to have in place to effectively promote yourself and your work
Class 2

Networking for Artists

The idea of networking can be daunting, especially if you are an introvert. Networking in the arts is about building community as well as letting folks know about your work. How do you do it well, and effectively?

Class Highlights:

This class will break down the steps to effectively network, building community while not burning bridges.

  • Learn the power of the informational interview--what it is, and what it isn't
  • Learn about the materials you'll need to have in place to support your networking efforts
  • Showing up, working a room, volunteering--how do all of those things work in your networking efforts?
Class 3

Pitches & Presentations

On your artistic path you are going to have countless opportunities to pitch yourself and your work. You may be invited to do a presentation at some point to support yourself, or support someone else.

Class Highlights:

Knowing how to pitch and present yourself are invaluable skills, no matter what path you are on. Are you prepared for these opportunities?

  • Learn what goes into an effective presentation
  • Be prepared to pitch yourself and your work
  • Know what materials you need to prepare to support your efforts

5 Ways to Know You’re Ready for a Your Ladders Step Class

You're comfortable working on the artistic side of your life, but you're not sure how to move your career forward.

The thought of promoting yourself, networking, or doing a pitch makes your palms sweat and strikes fear in your gut.

You've missed opportunities by not being sure how to take advantage of them effectively.

You love your work, and want to build a network, a community, where you and your work have a place.

You're dreaming of bigger goals, but understand you need to take small steps to get where you want to go.

If you said "yes" to any of these, you're ready to sign up for a Your Ladders Step Class.


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