Most artists are taught a lot about craft but nothing about business.

I teach business skills for artists by offering a subscription to classes and a 5-Step System that will help you
reclaim the joy of your artistic journey
and feel more confident on your path,
without going back to school.

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Build Ladders Over the Obstacles In Your Path

Empower yourself with skills, knowledge, and a support system

The path of an artist isn't a simple highway with clear entrances and exits, pit stops and rest areas.

Instead it is a roller coaster ride that keeps moving. While that ride is part of the thrill of being an artist, it also requires preparation and lifelong learning in order to navigate, or upgrade, the ride. 

Often, too often, folks feel as though they are doing something wrong, or that they missed the instruction manual that helps folks stay on the ride. Or they feel as though everyone else has it figured out, and they must be doing it "wrong".

My Name is Julie Hennrikus

I founded Your Ladders to empower artists. I have worked in the performing arts for over 30 years, and taught arts management classes for over 10. I am also a published mystery author, and I know that my journey from writer to published author was made easier, much easier, because of the skills I developed working in the performing arts. 

My goal for Your Ladders is to support as many artists (writers, playwrights, performers, directors, producers, teachers) whether their path is a career or a path they pursue as an avocation, for the love it it. 

How Your Ladders Supports You

Using a subscription model, Your Ladders supports artists in three ways.

A Knowledge Base

Your Ladders classes are taught through an artistic lens, so you can apply what you learn directly to your journey.

Ongoing Learning

The arts journey isn't static. Neither is Your Ladders. There are ongoing learning opportunities designed specifically for you.


Though Your Ladders exists online,  support is there for you.

"Few people better prepared me for actually getting a job in the field, teaching me tangible, valuable information that made me a better (and more competitive!) administrator and artist. I still make most of my major career decisions using wisdom Julie taught me. I am very grateful to have had the opportunity to learn from her!"


"Not only does Julie have an incredible amount of arts management knowledge, she's a thoughtful and effective educator. What I learned from her prepared me for the professional world in a way that no other class has. I can't recommend her classes enough - whether you're more business-minded or more whimsical, Julie's classes will help you on your path."


The Your Ladders Subscription

One monthly payment. Full access. You can cancel at any time.

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The world needs you to do your work. Let me help you learn about the business side of your work.

Your Ladders Classes

The suite of classes offered in Your Ladders includes classes in business planning, marketing, budgeting, self promotion, networking, pitching and more. Each class has worksheets and videos that support your learning, and can be taken at your own pace. Your subscription will give you full access to every class.

Monthly Trainings

As part of your subscription you will be invited to a live monthly training. Previous trainings will also be available to you as part of your subscription. The topics of these trainings will vary according to the needs of the community.

The Your Ladders Community

Your subscription will also give you access to the Your Ladders Community. This site, which is located on the same platform as the classes, works like a community page where you can post, respond, and interact with other members of the Your Ladders community. 


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