Empower Yourself as an Artist

without going into debt, overwhelming yourself, or feeling lost on your career path


If you’re a performing artist, director, playwright, writer, or producer looking to build your creative path while juggling your art and your life than you already know that you need a lot of skills to pull it off.

You already know what it takes to be an artist. The training. The path of the apprentice. The skill building. But the skills that aren't always taught--the skills that move you along the path--how do you develop them?




  • That the path of an artist is more like a roller coaster ride

    There are twists and turns. It is thrilling and terrifying. It makes you fell alive.
  • There are business skills that make the ride easier

    Think of them like your seat belt. They help you anticipate the twists and turns, and better prepare for them.
  • You need these skills no matter what path you're on

    Whether your art is a vocation or an avocation, whether you're at the beginning of your journey, or in the middle, whether you're sure of your craft or learning a new one, you need foundational skills to help.
  • Folks don't always explain the journey before you get on the ride

    You are called to be an artist. But that doesn't mean all of the skills you need lie in your talent alone. Some of them require additional training.

Even though the reasons to pursue your artistic path are obvious to you, since they include passion and your calling,
the path to navigating it successfully is anything but...


Some of These Skills Aren't Taught,
But They Are Always Required


Often folks in the performing arts and writers are encouraged to build their craft. And that's important. But there comes a time, when looking to move forward, that the path feels stalled, or stuck. "Now what?" or "how do I move past this?" create a stumbling block.

Too often lack of movement feels makes creative folks like you feel like you're doing something wrong, but that's not always the case. Your artistic path needs a boost.

Too often artists don't understand the business side of the art. No one explains how learning a skill (networking, budgeting, self-promotion, marketing, etc.) can empower you on your artistic path. No matter where that path is going to take you.

Here Are The Beliefs and Skills You Need to Acquire Right Now
To Fully Step Into Your Artistic Path


There are things you can control on your artistic journey

How you present yourself, how you talk about (pitch) your work, what your values are as an artist.
All of these things are in your control.
You need to understand how to make active choices that align with your artistic values while forwarding your career.


You don't have to be a suffering artist

The path isn't always easy, but it is rewarding. You are on the path of a lifelong apprentice. While that may be daunting, understanding that path, really understanding it, empower you to move forward.


You define your own success.

But back to the roller coaster ride: setting goals, having dreams, and active decision making moves you toward that success. Inertia keeps you where you are.

Shh...I'm going to let you in on a little secret

Learning and employing these skills and beliefs, and the mindset shift that accompanies them, will empower you as an artist, no matter what your path.

"Few people better prepared me for actually getting a job in the field, teaching me tangible, valuable information that made me a better (and more competitive!) administrator and artist. I still make most of my major career decisions using wisdom Julie taught me. I am very grateful to have had the opportunity to learn from her!"


"Not only does Julie have an incredible amount of arts management knowledge, she's a thoughtful and effective educator. What I learned from her prepared me for the professional world in a way that no other class has. I can't recommend her classes enough - whether you're more business-minded or more whimsical, Julie's classes will help you on your path."


How Can Your Ladders Help You On Your Path?

Your Ladders started with classes that I created to teach artists the business skills they need.
But over time, I understood that to really empower artists, I needed to provide you with an affordable way to access to those classes while providing ongoing learning opportunities.
I also wanted to create a place for community.
I created a Your Ladders Subscription.

The Your Ladders Subscription is PERFECT for you if…

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  2. You understand the value of being part of a learning community
  3. You want to understand the business side of your art
  4. You are excited about claiming your space as an artist
  5. You're ready to set your own goals, define your own success, and move forward on your path

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